About Us

Young Association (SKMIE Service) is an organization of college students which works for the overall betterment of underprivileged kids. This organisation is registered under the name "Sai Keshri Manik Institute of Education Service Foundation".

It works with the motive “Act for Change”. It was started on 11 September, 2010. Mr. Krishan Keshri and Mrs. Poonam Keshri were planning to start something for these kids. But due to their busy schedule, they were not able to do something for those kids. Then their son, Mr. Ayush Keshri saw the condition of our Nation, researched about the problems of India and came to a conclusion that all the problems can be curbed by just one thing and that is Education.

So apart from being a college student, he took this initiative in MassCo Media. Then it shifted to Maharaja Agrasen College under the leadership of Mr. Ayush Keshri. After that, it was spread in many colleges of DU, and in different universities of Delhi and at present, it is working in five States of India.

Around 3000 volunteers have been a part of YA till now. At present, there are around 250-300 active members in YA. As almost all the members of Young Association are college students, so at their level they can only contribute towards the knowledge. They don’t earn so they can’t help the underprivileged people financially. But Knowledge is the best donation one can give in his/her life. It is commonly said, ‘Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime’. Knowledge accompanies a person throughout his/her life.

We are proud to mention the fact that we have undertaken two orphanages, two slums and various schools. The association is distributed in a hierarchical manner giving rise to senior core team, junior core team and special team. Young Association is Constitution-driven Organization. Every member of YA is hardworking, dedicated and disciplined.

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Our Objectives

Talking about the objectives, we strive for perfection of future generation. And an important point to be noted here is that we are a profitable organization because we think that this is a dual advantage opportunity. Learning by teaching proves true to us. It is our responsibility and duty to work for others in the society. Our motive "Act for Change" defines all our goals.

We have been teaching students not only how to read and write but also how to dance and sing and to represent themselves to a larger mass. We have Orphanage and Slum events every Sunday and School events once a fortnight. We celebrate events like Republic Day, Independence Day etc. We have worked upon cleanliness campaign and plantation campaign also.

Our first official project LETIF (Let’s Educate Tommorow’s India’s Future) was a huge success which was impossible without the donors and volunteers. We further will keep coming with various projects. Hence, be a part of this initiative and keep supporting us.