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The most glaring of the problems with government run schools is that of infrastructure. Poorly maintained buildings, dilapidated classrooms. Accordng to a recent survey conducted in 780 governmet schools accross 13 Indian states, most of the students could not read, write or do basic math. We beleive it is due to following factors:

  • Lack of Interest from students
  • Lack of involvment from teachers
  • Poor infrastructure
  • Poor coordination between teachers and students
  • Financial issues with students and their families

To remedy the situation, Young Association launched a campaign called 6 Dreams to achieve following objectives:

  • Overall development of child (Which includes physical, psychological and intellectual development of students)
  • Help students develop the capacity to think and act
  • Create a new work culture that includes values like hard work, invention and experimentation
  • Widen their experience base and help them assess their own potential while inculcating the spirit of enterprise

Our activities in the previous campaign has left children wanting to come to college and teachers are excited to teach. Our activities have not only boosted the morale but has also inpired the entire communities for educating their young. Hence, this year we want to do it again with 6 other schools across India and maybe more if enough funds are raised.

How will we use your donation?

The amount of money that is donated for this campaign directly goes towards one of these activities:

  • Pactching and painting walls of the schools with creative and inspiring designs
  • Building and stocking a small library (Knowledge Box)
  • Creating a Sports Club
  • Best out of Waste – Table Chair 
  • Learn and earn – workshops
  • Explore yourself - Club

Workshops will be conducted twice a week. We are consulting several professionals to conduct workshops in selected schools. The workshops have 3 primary motives.

  1. Improve reading skills
  2. Improve writing skills
  3. Improve presentation skills

Started: Dec 07, 2017


100 of 120,000 Goal Acheived.

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