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OCSOC is an initiative taken by Young Association to provide stationery to underpriviledged children in Bihar.

Why was this campaign started? The idea behind this campaign is simple: "To provide the needful to the needy"

There are more than 10 lakh children in Bihar who are eager to study but because of low income parents and low economic households they are not able to provide their kids with proper education. These children regularly attend schools but do not have basic necessities required for proper education.Children with unstable home are particularly in need of strong, positive and caring adults, which is what the OCSOC campaign is trying to achieve.

The guidance of donors along the way can change their lives signifiantly. These kids are disadvantaged even before their birth, their lives revolve around stressful and unstable environment which gradually affect their cognitive development.

Today more than ever, education remains the key to escaping poverty, while poverty remains the biggest obstacle to education. These kids have tremendous potential to succeed, with right combination of education and interventions we can cater these kids every need and help them get education.

How will we use your donation?

We are fulfulling our commitment as promised. From the month of July till November 2016, we have provided the students with stationery which includes notebooks, pencils and erasers and books every month.

The money that you gave for the magazine was utilised to provide books and other stationery requirements to 90 students. Along with this, on the occasion of children’s day this year, we gave painting books and writing notebooks to students. We realised that a lot of donors would not be able to get a copy of our published magazine because they resided in different states, which is why we decided to utlise the money in this manner. 

We have adopted 40 students from a school in Bihar. And bought kids for all these kids. And also bought 50 writing books, 50 painting books and 50 sets of stationery for all the other kids. We have catered the students with three tuition teachers who help children in school for their overall development and to also help them better understand concepts. These teachers work with other faculties of the school to provide an atmosphere of interactive learning. 

Apart from this, we are also working for the developement of the infrastructure of the school. We have provided the school with fans, and carpets for students along with other items like footballs and games like ludo etc. We request you to visit our facebook page for updates, and recent pictures of events being organised by us.

We are also planning towards creating an interactive classroom with certain art and craft work and paintings complimented with complete makeover of the classrooms walls.


Started: Nov 30, 2017


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