LETIF (Let's Educate Tomorrow's India's Future)

Young Association started a project LETIF (Let’s Educate Tommorow’s India’s Future) in January 2015. The initiative has been successfully achieved to a great extent.

Under this project we aimed at the innovative idea of providing stationary, books and uniform to the underprivileged students and through the efforts of association and team work, we managed to collect a...

One Can Support One Child

OCSOC is an initiative taken by Young Association to provide stationery to underpriviledged children in Bihar.

Why was this campaign started? The idea behind this campaign is simple: "To provide the needful to the needy"

There are more than 10 lakh children in Bihar who are eager to study but because of low income parents and low economic household...

6 Dreams

The most glaring of the problems with government run schools is that of infrastructure. Poorly maintained buildings, dilapidated classrooms. Accordng to a recent survey conducted in 780 governmet schools accross 13 Indian states, most of the students could not read, write or do basic math. We beleive it is due to following factors:

  • Lack of Interest from...